The starter wedding guide for your special day

Have you recently become engaged? Congratulations! Getting married to your partner will be, without a doubt, one of the most memorable days of your life. To make your special day the best it can be, you’ll need to start planning right away. Whether you plan to get married in 2 months or 2 years, it’s important to utilize all of the time you have available, so that you can make sure every aspect of your wedding is everything your dreamed of.

There are many different aspects to planning a wedding – in this starter wedding guide, we’ll talk about four of the most important parts to your wedding: the dress, the venue, the food and the photographer. This guide concentrates on these four wedding areas as they have shown to cause the most stress for a bride – so the more you know them, the better.

Starter Wedding Guide

Plan your wedding on any budget

It’s a given that not all brides will have an unlimited budget to plan their big day. Fortunately, weddings can be planned on any type of budget. There’s been plenty of weddings throughout Melbourne that have budgets ranging from as little as a few hundred dollars and going as high as $100,000! Weddings on a budget can be done – it’s all in the planning. This guide will address different ways you can save money during the preparation of your wedding. Some money saving tips include:

  • Bring a plate catering – one of the most expensive costs of a wedding is the catering. You can dramatically cut this cost down by inviting your guests to bring a plate instead of a present.
  • BYO drinks – another expensive cost is providing your guests with alcoholic beverages. Keep costs down by asking guests to bring their own alcoholic drinks (and perhaps only supply the soft drinks)
  • Second hand wedding dress – you’ll soon find that picking a wedding dress can do a bit of damage on your wallet. By sourcing a second hand wedding dress, you may only have to worry about the dry cleaning bill!
  • Helpful friends and family – ask around your family and friends to see if there’s anyone that can provide a service as their wedding gift to you. Many people will generally know someone who has a passion for photography – this can save you thousands by eliminating the need to hire a photographer

This free online wedding budget planner breaks down the different costs of your wedding so that you can see an approximate total cost.

Basic Wedding Planning Guide

The wedding checklist

You don’t want to be one of those brides that is completely stressing on her big day because no one confirmed the DJ to show up! You can easily prevent potential disasters and unnecessary stress at your wedding by printing off a checklist well in advance to your wedding day.

From picking the best Melbourne wedding venue to organising the marriage licence to finalizing the guest list – everything should be on the checklist and marked off once 100% confirmed! The Wedding Solutions checklist is a free one that you can use online.